Planning for retirement? –Do your homework!

Retirement is a word that depicts both good and bad. Good in the sense that you feel at last now you are free from daily routine responsibility and will now ...Read the full article

3rd August, 2015 • Kamal Kaur


Did you saved some pennies?- Few Handy Tips

piggybank A penny saved is a penny earned- Benjamin Franklin

20th April, 2015 • Kamal Kaur


13 CFD Trading Tips

Trading can be amazingly effective and can give consistence profits by following some guidelines and experiences of successful traders.

16th March, 2015 • Kamal Kaur


The Essence of Binary Options Trading Strategies & Tips

2 of the main components related to binary option traders have to be technical & fundamental analysis. Without them, one can say that binary options trading

26th February, 2015 • Opteck


Are You Ready For Currency Trading?

Trading currency in the foreign exchange (forex) market, whether directly or via a CFD (Contract for Difference), can be a great source of investment income.

21st May, 2014 • Susan Brown


Swing Trading Strategies and Methods

Swing Trading is particularly known for bringing the advantage of increased market profitability in day trading which can be achieved at a slower pace of trading. A trader believing in ...Read the full article

6th March, 2013 • Chart Plotter


Trading Strategy, Using Technical Analysis Indicators

There are a number of indicators that can be used for technical analysis. But working out how they work and gaining experience using then in real life could take a life time. This trading strategy is based using a number of indicators.

13th February, 2013 • Chart Plotter


CFDs Index Trading Strategy

CFD Index trading strategy offers a comprehensive CFD trading plan allowing traders to trade CFDs with more confidence and profitability. With this right trading strategy, an investor can earn big profits in the financial market. CFDs Index Trading Strategy offers a simple solution to help develop a successful trading plan. All traders willing to make profits in the market must take help of this simple program.

26th December, 2012 • Chart Plotter


Pair Trading – CFD, Forex, Securities Trading Strategy

Many wonder how to do Pair Trading. Here is a simple explanation on how does it works, along with some chart sample of some popular pairs. Pair Trading is a trading strategy that involves trading correlated stocks, commodities, indices that moves in a similar manner.

4th December, 2012 • Chart Plotter


Rio Tinto CFD Trading Strategy

This strategy can also be applied to different financial products and it is usually related to such financial products like bonds, commodities and currencies. The strategy allows trader to profit from global companies or financial products.

1st December, 2012 • Trader Mind


CFD Trading Strategy with Double Hedging

This CFD Strategy is the best and safest trading way that could guarantee your profits. With practice and dedication this could be the strategy that could be suitable to your trading style. Traders should be aware of what strategies accommodate they trading risk. This strategy is considered a high risk strategy. No strategy can guarantee profits. A trading strategy needs the influence of external factor to succeed. Could be used in any financial markets, CFDs, Forex, Commodities, Futures.

14th November, 2012 • Chart Plotter


Trading Strategy Index v Currency Pair $15

This is a unique and exciting strategy that allows traders to profit from a long position and use another long position to hedge. Traders must keep this strategy well guarded and personal.

23rd October, 2012 • Trader Mind


Trading Strategy Using Trend Channels (Updated)

This strategy is a quick sample/demonstration on trading Trend Channels. Trend Channels are good indicators for a new change in direction. When the prices breaks outside one of the trend lines, it could be expected a change in that direction.

26th September, 2012 • Trader Mind


Trading Resistance and Support levels

Support and resistance are often discarded as a trading strategy. But in reality is a very effective strategy to set entry and exit levels. Support and resistance levels can happen in any trend or side ways trading. Trader should also find help from others indicators.

25th September, 2012 • Trader Mind


Trend Trading Strategy Talk

Trend trading strategy aims to follow a chart trend either up or down. Ideally traders would open their position at the beginning of the trend and close it at the end of the trend regardless of the profit/loss amount.

31st July, 2012 • Trader Mind


Trading Plan

CFD Trading Plan is a guide to what you should think about when doing a trading plan. Writing a comprehensive trading plan is a must for any successful trader.

28th May, 2012 • Trader Mind


Spread Trading

Spread trading is where CFD providers have a wider spread on the share price or underlying asset. Providers who don't charge commission will use a wider spread to generate income and the benefit is that you don't have to pay commission.

17th April, 2012 • Chart Plotter


Backtesting Trading Strategies

Backtesting is a process offered by software that allows traders to test a theoretical trading system or strategy prior to employing their strategy in real time. Backtesting is based on past data, that is, your strategy is tested on past prices of a company share or CFD.

12th April, 2012 • Chart Plotter


Strategy – Short Position

Short selling is the ability of selling first and buying back later. It is commonly used for CFD Trading. Contract for Difference allow you to position short for as long as you want, so if the market is in correction mode or a recession, you don’t have to stop trading or wait for the next opportunity.

29th February, 2012 • Chart Plotter


Strategy – Long Position

The long position is the mother of all trading strategies, and involves buying shares or CFDs at a lower price and then selling at a higher price. Many trading strategies are derivatives of the long position or an alternate way of “going long”.

29th February, 2012 • Chart Plotter


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